Anyone actually using other languages?

I know the official response says “it is unlikely that unsupported language algos will continue to work without any issues.”.

In any case, right now, submitting a binary compiled by g++ and having calling that actually works. I personally would love it if I could submit in C++ like this, it is my main language and is much faster.

Is anyone doing something like that and using a language other than phthon? Is anyone planning to submit something other than python officially?

Are the organizers planning to intentionally restrict that? Or will a submission that can run on the server on the day be accepted, regardless of language?

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I’m using Cononut, but that doesn’t really count since it compiles to Python. There are several languages like that that would definitely work.
I would guess that they won’t officially support compiling for their server, since people have different architectures, OS’s and libc’s. Portable things like python and the JVM, maybe CLR with Mono, will be better for that.

We currently do not have specific plans to restrict the use of other languages, but I expect that workarounds like calling things from will stop working after at most a few months, but probably sooner.

Currently, any zipped package uploaded to the ‘MyAlgos’ page which successfully plays ranked matches is eligible to compete on the leaderboard and participate in competitions. I will make a post if this policy changes.

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I’ll start with my question:
What OS version does the match server use?

Ok, so this is probably a little crazy, but I decided to see if I could get C# to work…

I wrote a dumb program that manages to actually place firewalls when running locally:

(This is watching the replay it produced)

The next challenge I’m trying to sort out is that I’m developing on a Windows PC and need to publish it to the OS of the match server. I compiled targeting ubuntu.16.04-x64 and included all the dependencies. After chasing down a few things, I’ve been able to kick it off from the script while running Ubuntu 16.04 via Windows Subsystem for Linux (which confirmed it could find the dependencies it needed):

But when I upload it to the game servers (fortunately size wasn’t an issue!), it just crashes.

There’s a bunch of different reasons it might not be working, but I figured I’d start with finding out if I’m targeting the wrong architecture. Is ubuntu.16.04-x64 an appropriate OS to target?

@n-sanders This information is obviously worth millions (jk), but here is the os:


Thanks, @876584635678890. Unfortunately even with targeting debian, it’s still not working after I upload and I’m not sure how to debug any further.

Oh well, back to python :slight_smile: