Algos Hanging on Upload


I am currently having issues uploading my algo to the website for testing. It is quite small: only 25 kb, so size should not be an issue. I have been able to upload algos before, but now the website is hanging on upload. Perhaps there is a maximum number of uploads in a certain time period?


you won’t be able to upload algos right now, since we’re between seasons. Season 3 has ended and season 4 hasn’t started yet. Season 3 final is set for tomorrow (even though c1 seemingly has some problems right now, so it might be delayed). After that you should be able to upload again.

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Quite weird but I was able to upload two algos yesterday and their ranking changed with their match history staying blank

@IWannaWin That seems quite odd. I would think that I should be able to upload and test algos any time as long as I’m not competing in the competition.

I’m not sure why, but it seems that removing the .zip file from my local directory before calling ./scripts/zipalgo_linux <filename> did the trick. I don’t experience the issue every time, but removing and regenerating the .zip seems to do the trick.