Algos battling After Removal

I had the following happen to me twice today (it might have happened before, but I do not remember these events long term):

  1. I remove an algo because I can only upload six and want to put another one to the test

  2. I upload another algo

  3. Removed algo defeats newly uploaded algo

A possible reason for this is that in reality steps 1. and 2. were reversed and I did not notice that and the result is just shown/evaluated after removal (in this case it would have taken a rather long time to show the replay in “My Algos”, which would not be typical).

If you give us the AlgoIDs for the algos that seemed to incorrectly fight one another, I can check the timestamps for when the Algo was deactivated and when the match was played and look into weather it was a bug or not. It seems like something that makes sense to investigate alongside the initial matchmaking changes when I take care of that late this week or early next week.

We will investigate this

Sorry for not following up on the original post. When looking into it, I confirmed that algos that were scheduled to play a match did play that match even after being deleted. I assumed this was the source of the issue and a patch fixing that will be out sometime next week.