Algo taking a long time to upload

I downloaded the C1 Terminal starter kit, modified the, zipped it using the tool provided in the github repo and when I try to upload the algo, it does show up correctly, the ratings and stuff like that but it doesn’t let me start a new game with the new algo i just uploaded. Whenever i clicked on the button the start the game, it just open the upload page where i upload the algo with a loading icon under the algo name.
What is the issue that is causing this and how do i fix it?

Try deleting it and re-uploading it, i’m going to double check a few potential issues in the meantime.

Ok, double checked a few things, everthing looks good. Let me know if re-uploading works.

Sorry for the late reply, I tried re-uploading the algo and the same loading icon is still popping up after 5 minutes since i pressed the upload button. I’m going to try to create another algo and try uploading the new one and see if that works.

So i quickly made a new algo and uploading that one works, must be problem by my algo that it couldn’t be uploaded. Thanks for the help Ryan!

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