Algo compile error

Failing to compile any algo, even one which previously was successfully compiling.

Anyone else here who has the same issue?

Yes starter algo wouldn’t even compile

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How many are affected?

  • Algos compiling fine
  • Algos do not compile for me

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Alrighty, had to investigate a little to figure out what’s happening as seems I might be one of the rare cases to experience this.

I used the following cmd command to create zip files:

C:\Users\Janis\Desktop\c1games\C1GamesStarterKit-master-3\algos>“c:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe” a -afzip “C:\Users\Janis\Desktop\c1games\C1GamesStarterKit-master-3\algos\” "C:\Users\Janis\Desktop\c1games\C1GamesStarterKit-master-3\algos\oh-no"

I.e. full path for the folder to be zipped.

Now switched to using only the folder of algo and compiles without issues.

C:\Users\Janis\Desktop\c1games\C1GamesStarterKit-master-3\algos>“c:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe” a -afzip “C:\Users\Janis\Desktop\c1games\C1GamesStarterKit-master-3\algos\” "oh-no"

Difference is that previously it was possible to upload algos in folders with many sublevels, now it must be only one - the algo root folder.

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This was my problem too

If I open my original zips up they would be under /algos/my_ai_folder/

but changing the zip to /my_ai_folder/ worked.

It’s annoying because using scripts/ no longer works when used from the top level folder.

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Hey everyone,

Sorry we didn’t make an announcement about this. I was aware this change was incoming but did not know it was being rolled out.

We now require the starter-algo-ZIPME folder to be zipped. Previously, we would walk down the directory tree and look for your algo in there, allowing for pretty deep nesting. This led to some issues like increased compile times. The current README and documentation should explain how to properly update an algo, let us know if this is not the case


I just updated the script in starterkit, so its compatible with our more stringent compiling. Let us know if it doesn’t work.

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