Access to a faster engine


I am implementing a machine learning approach. Currently with my computer, I can run about 10 matchs/min. It is a bit slow for what I intended to do.
I was wondering if we could have one day access to faster engine: For example starting with an engine that does not print anything in the powershell and that does not save the replay file. ( I don’t know if this will make it really faster but it can’t harm)

Anyway, thank you for all your work, this competition is very fun! :grinning:

You can suppress a lot of the print messages by modifying the settings in game-configs.json – set printMapString, printTStrings, etc… all to false.

There is also some slow code in the gamelib you could clean up.

However, the real solution is to run a lot of games in parallel, not to try to speedup the serial performance.

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thanks @RJTK ! I will look into that.

Yeah parallellism is the first thing I did but my CPU is overload with only 4 games at the same time. My computer is still quite good so maybe my method is not efficient.

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