Terminal: Tiered Competitions

Terminal: Tiered Competitions


I tend to agree with this, and it was actually really good for one-on-one match development until recently when they slowed down match rates


We want algos to continue to play globally to maintain the leaderboard and the ecosystem around it.

The number of ranked games played has been increased by ~55% as of now.


Match rates feel pretty good now. I’ve had ~40 matches in the first hour today which is usually enough to run into all 6 versions belonging to opponents with matchups I need to study for one-on-one results.


Slightly confused about something I’ve just realized… how did Team: Dragons Maze get into Gold tier this week? Based on the past two Silver competition results it seems like there are several others (e.g. paprikadobi) that should have been Gold before them, and who would be more evenly paired against the other 3 contenders in Gold this week.


Ill look over things.


There was an issue where points were not being distributed correctly for teams, and where a team could invite members who are already joined in different competitions to enter competitions they should not be eligible for. I will be releasing a hotfixing and then running the week 3 competition later today. I am going to let dragons maze fall out of gold naturally.


The patch will be in tomorrow morning, allowing us to run the competition and start the next weeks competitions. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.


Thanks for the vote of confidence lol :blush:


Sorry! Hopefully you guys are able to do well in gold! I just meant to say that I wouldn’t be manually adjusting the ranks/ratings/competition entries


No worries. Still need to make a new algo so probably not going to be in gold for long