Season 3 Finale Details

Season 3 Finale Details


Hopefully it’s something a simple as Ryan finally taking a vacation. Seems like he’s been at it non stop since the start of Season 1.


No, there has been one ocasion, that I remember, but I agree he doen’t take holiday often. Also, very weird that no one is contacting us…


Wait! Is the stream Monday (9/9) or Tuesday (9/10)? Here it’s listed as Tuesday the 9th.


Meanwhile, the home page “What’s Happening” section says September 8th at 6pm.


so, uh… less than 24 hours until the season end is (possibly?) streamed… still not a peep out of C1… ?


Well it’s 6:30 and the stream is offline, so I’m going to guess it’s not tonight after all.


Hey everyone, haven’t looked through this that much but n-sanders got it, I was on vacation last week. I will be looking through threads and resolving issues throughout today.

Sorry about the poor communication on this.


Good you’re back!
When is the final stream going to be?

Wait, the season 3 leaderboard just completely changed…


Hey everyone,

I’ll be addressing any additional concerns about season 3 finale in this thread


looks like i’m around #16, didn’t have time to update my hydra spinoff in the last few weeks, good luck guys will checkout what the winning strategy is his time!


Excited for the stream tonight! Will there be any highlight matches features from this summer’s weekly rank tier tournaments? I vaguely remember that being mentioned a while back but it may have changed. Curious how or if the weekly matches will be integrated.


That was originally part of the plan, 21 games is already quite a lot to stream, so we are just going to stick to that for now.