Global Competition - Full details

Global Competition - Full details


Will we be getting any feedback on which bots will be in the finals before the matches occur?

Dues to timezones, I was asleep when the cutoff happened, since my algo is near the bottom of the top 10, I have no idea whether it made the cutoff or not. A list of the top 10 at the cutoff point would be nice.


UPDATE: we were able to finally verify our account. Our browser was just unhappy with unsecure certificates…


You were indeed in top 10, tied for 7th and 8th with Forceo at the end.

Heres the screen grab we got of it:

Edit: but confirmation from C1 would still be nice


I’m wondering how prize distributions for tied places would work. Would the 7-8th prize be split evenly between the two? (same for the 9-10th prize).


There is also the distribution between the groups for the round robin to decide


Hey everyone,

When we stopped the servers, it took a few minutes for the servers to actually stop running matches. We are using the leaderboard as you see it in its current state for the competitions. Fortunately, the same 10 players are in your screenshot and the current leaderboard, so hopefully nobody is to upset about the re-ordering.

If multiple players get the same number of wins, the winner will be the player with the most wins amongst that subset of players. Further ties follow that step recursively until no players are removed from the subset. In such a case, the highest Elo player will move up.

Sorry if I did not communicate the above, I thought it was in the details above, but it is described incorrectly as we did not account for 3 way ties in the round robin group. Ill just remove it for now.

Sorry about reduced communication on an important day for terminal, i’m on vacation rn.